How to Care for Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

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If you’ve ever accessorized your outfit with silver jewelry, chances are you may have come to a realization at some point on how to take care of and clean your silver jewelry.


We, here at Posh N Popular Jewelry, created a detailed list to help you be informed and answer all your questions about taking care of your favorite sterling silver pieces. From day to day tips to cleaning instructions, no need for extensive research, it’s all here.


  1. Wear it.

If you thought the only way to preserve your silver jewelries is to keep them in their box, you thought wrong. Your skin’s natural oils will help polish your jewelry and keep them shiny.

  1. Take it off when doing chores.

When doing household chores like cleaning and washing the dishes, make sure to remove all your silver jewelry beforehand as the chemicals in your cleaning products can tarnish your favorite accessories.

  1. Keep it away from direct sunlight.

There are many reasons to keep things away from the sun. One of them is because sunlight can cause your silver jewelry to tarnish and deteriorate more quickly. Make sure you keep your jewelry away from the sun and if possible, store them in a cool, dry place.

  1. Wear them last.

Your grandmother may have told you this before, but putting your jewelry on last can help maintain your silver jewelry up to its glory days. Things like lotion, perfume, makeup and hairspray can accelerate tarnish because of its chemicals.

  1. Clean them regularly.

There are a lot of cleaning procedures you can use to clean your silver jewelry. Our favorite is the soap and water combo because it is quick, easy and you’ve got all the ingredients with you at home. This is also highly recommended for how gentle soap and water is to your jewelry. Repeat this process as needed.

  1. Store them properly.

Using an air-tight container can help keep your jewelry shiny and great-looking. In fact, you can use any container as long as it is air-tight. Some people even use Zip-lock bags for this.

  1. Store the pieces individually.

You don’t want your silver pieces to be scratching against each other, which is why it is important to keep them separate. Also, this prevents tangling.

  1. Use silica packs.

Silica packs are great for absorbing moisture. So in your jewelry box, put these in and lessen your worry about your silver jewelry tarnishing. These packs can be found when you buy a new pair of shoes or bag.

  1. Don’t store them in paper, cardboard or cotton-filled boxes.

Chances are, these boxes may contain traces of sulfur and can tarnish your jewelry.

  1. Use anti-tarnish cloths.

Line your boxes with anti-tarnish cloths to keep them in its great shape for as long as possible. These cloths are made specifically to absorb moisture and sulfur from the air and are chemically treated to prevent tarnish.


With these tips and tricks, you are sure that your favorite Sterling Silver pieces are safe and can last for many, many years. But only if you take care of them properly and religiously.

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